Changing the Way the World Innovates

EmpireTech is the global pioneer in crowdsourced innovation. We leverage the power of the crowd to help organizations of all sizes solve their critical business, scientific, and technical problems.
We would like to offer full range of services for your innovation process. from idea generation to product or service commercialization.


Engage and promote collaboration amongst your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. we are offering wide range of training sessions in order to improve absorptive capacity of your value chain.

Premium Challenges

Formulate your pressing problem or need as a Challenge and post to our diverse global network of creative and smart minds to tackle. Gain detailed proposals and even working prototypes within weeks.

How it Works

Typically we begin with a workshop, where we provide Challenge Driven InnovationTM (CDI) training and help you identify and develop appropriate problems and needs.
Our PhD-educated Challenge Experts work with you to decompose and formulate the problems or needs as ‘Challenges’.
Challenges are posted, anonymously if desired, to our network of creative and smart minds we call ‘Solvers’, who submit their solutions.
You evaluate the proposed solutions and select those to award. You only have to award solutions that fully meet your needs, except with Ideation Challenges where awards are guaranteed. All of this is done via our secure online platform.
EmpireTech administers all award payments and IP transfers or licensing. You receive the contact details of all awarded Solvers, allowing you to directly engage with winning Solvers as needed in the future, perhaps as a consultant or employee.


Our secure cloud platform applies Challenge Driven Innovation internally within your organization, allowing you to easily engage and promote collaboration amongst your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. You maintain complete control over which audiences Challenges are distributed to.

A customizable, all-in-one solution for your internal crowdsourcing

The platform handles the entire Challenge lifecycle—from idea and suggestion capture through Challenge formulation, posting, open discussions and collaboration, evaluation, and awards—and enables both EmpireTech-facilitated as well as customer-led Challenge formulation and development. With incorporated reporting dashboards, EmpireTech@Work provides a unique view of your innovation portfolio and strategy and allows for continuous tracking and improvement.